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Insurance by the Numbers – 219 to 212

By March 23, 2010June 25th, 2019No Comments

Did you see any of the news related to the health care vote over the weekend?

This is not a commentary on the bill, or what may or may not happen in the years to come as it relates to health care coverage, but I was shocked to hear the things grown people were saying…

Sexual and racial slurs; the malicious tone; even a Congressman shouting “baby killer” on the House floor.
Granted, emotions run high in political circles, but as the party line splits, do good manners simply fall through the crack?
What would cause an otherwise normal person to talk like this? Does hearing the expression “health care reform” make something “snap”? And, where does that “something” come from anyway? Could that “something” be lurking inside ALL of us? Ooh! When, and on what public platform might we sink to the same outrageous low?
I can only hope that – by observing such awful behavior – the rest of us will be reminded of how NOT to act!
As a child, I recall that my mother would not allow me or my siblings to use the expression “cotton-picking” (you know, like when the lawnmower wouldn’t start and you were tempted to say; “that cotton-picking thing”). We didn’t understand why we could not use the expression, but we certainly understood mom’s rule. Later in life, we came to realize that – unlike the lesson in the children’s rhyme – sticks and stones could hurt one’s bones but the words could hurt even deeper.
As the countless words of the Health Reform Bill unfold, we can only hope that the uninsured and the uninsurable will find that the words “just as the doctor ordered” can apply even to them.