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Paradise Peace or Nightmare?

By May 19, 2021August 5th, 2021No Comments

Picture yourself on a sunny island in the middle of paradise. Playing in the water and making sand castles and moats with your kids while spending the evening watching the tide come in. It’s heavenly. After the kids go to bed you pour some champagne and sit on the balcony with your significant other, the sound of the ocean deafening out any other sounds around. Looking out to see the view of the moon casting its shadow of light as you raise your glasses, you realize that your precious diamond is missing from its setting. What happened and now what do you do? Panic mode sets in and then you wonder… “Was it even insured?”

You start feeling differently about watching the tide coming up and listening to the waves crash, because how on earth could you find your diamond now? You probably can’t. You of course wake up the kids and head out to the dark beach. You comb the beach, nothing. Will you be able to replace that diamond? How heavily will this weigh down the rest of your paradise weekend? More than likely, you’re not in the mood to swim with the dolphins when you know they just inherited a big chunk of pressurized rock.

Here’s another scenario for you: You clink those glasses together and realize the diamond is missing. But instead of waking the kids and ruining your vacation in paradise with the burden of losing a large chunk of money, you can simply call us and report the claim. Why? Because if we have worked together to make sure you are comprehensively covered that would include Valuable Possessions Insurance.

Accidents happen. Diamonds fall out of  rings. Antiques break. Art gets stolen. We’ll get you the protection you need for your most precious belongings in the event of loss through theft, accident or natural disaster.

Do not learn your lesson the hard way. Let’s plan ahead and r make sure that you are covered in a way that gives you peace of mind- the kind of that even losing a diamond in paradise can ease.

Schedule an appointment to come in and make sure that your most valuable possessions are properly insured! 

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